System Description

The Northwest Link is a collection of Amateur Radio internet-assisted communications devices (nodes) which for the most part cover the northern areas of Idaho and western Montana. These nodes are interconnected via various ‘Radio-over-IP’ schemes such as IRLP, Allstar and Echolink via an IRLP Experimental Reflector (0082) which is a server based in the internet ‘cloud’ acting as the hub of the network.

The Northwest Link is NOT a digital radio type system (such as DMRS or Fusion) as all the radios on the network are Analog FM radios operating in the 2meter and 70cm Amateur bands. The usual number of full-time connected nodes ranges between 10 and 15, with additional ‘visitor’ nodes connecting and disconnecting at various times throughout the day. Due to the large number of nodes and areas covered, regularly scheduled, organized radio roll-call net type activity is not allowed. Also, all radio-based nodes MUST have their Receive function PL protected to guard against noise and unintended transmissions by stations unaware that there is an IRLP Simplex node operating on the channel.

This is an all volunteer effort between several dedicated Amateur Radio Operators located throughout the US and was initially conceived and implemented by Darin KC7TIG who built the initial nodes and found individuals to sponsor them. Over time additional areas of coverage have been added and more will continue to be as opportunities present. Feel free to find a node that may be located near you via this website, or you can connect into the system with your Echolink-equipped computer or smart-phone. Details are provided in the various sections above.

You can listen to the Northwest Link Radio System Live Stream using these methods: –

You can email us at northwest.irlplink at gmail dot com